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MIT Sloan Management review-US

MIT Sloan Management review-US

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"Sloan Management Review (originally known as the Industrial Management Review) was founded in 1959 by the MIT Sloan School of Management and was presented as a scholarly journal from the beginning.In 2001, the Sloan Management Review added the university—Massachusetts Institute of Technology—onto their official name and the journal has been called MIT Sloan Management Review since then. In 2013, the first Chinese Edition of the MIT Sloan Management Review was published. By importing outstanding ideas and researches carried out by the editors worldwide, MIT Sloan Management Review expects to bring China the latest and most enlightening ideas on management, research and execution. Meanwhile, based on the differences between management styles in China and the western countries, the review serves to narrow down the gap between global management ideologies and the daily practice in Chinese businesses. By making the review more accessible for China, it enhances the flow of knowledge and ideas between Asian and Western countries. The MIT Sloan Management Review serves as a platform and bridges the gap between academic research and daily practice. The review keeps the reader up to date with management trends and innovations. Therefore, they welcome researchers to come up with new ideas and submit their work to share new discoveries and insights in management practice. MIT Sloan Management Review's articles cover a wide range of topics relevant to management. These articles focus on areas such as Data & Analytics, Digital, Global, Innovation, Leadership, Marketing, Operations, Social Business, Strategies and Sustainability. "