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Publisher/Marketed by: India Book Distributors Ltd  |  Frequency: Bi Monthly  |  Edition: International
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Packed full of advice from top designers, Dwell magazine is a treasure trove of modern home design ideas and architectural beauty. Each issue puts emphasis on function, style, and harmony when it comes to design, boasting beautiful photography and floor plans. Popular features in every issue include ""In the Modern World,"" a showcase of that issue's favorite homes around the world, product recommendations, and designer profiles; ""Backstory,"" which features a story behind the modern home; ""My House,"" which explains design elements and the inspiration that went into a modern home; ""Sourcing,"" offering a list of furniture, products, designers, architects, and builders that are featured in every issue; and ""Finishing Touch,"" which spotlights a noteworthy feature of a modern design project. Common topics in each issue also include technology, culture, travel, sustainability, and furnishings. Dwell is published 10 times a year, with occasional special issues with topics like ""The Prefab Issue,"" ""The Renovation Issue,"" ""The Interior Design Issue,"" ""The Outdoor Issue,"" ""The Small Space Issue,"" and ""The Dream Home Issue."" Anyone with a love for beautiful architecture and an eye for modern home design, will love a subscription to Dwell magazine.