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International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science and Technology

International Journal of Emerging Trends in Science and Technology

Publisher/Marketed by: Publishing India  |  Frequency: Bi-Annual  |  Edition: International  |  ISBN: 23497866
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The role and scope of the engineering profession are transforming rapidly. Both what engineers do, and how they do it, are experiencing profound changes due to the need to attend to global issues, expansion of the engineering disciplines beyond traditional boundaries, and the accelerating pace of technological innovations in engineering and related areas, such as computing, communication, mobile, robotics and interactive technologies. Moreover, the present decade will witness a move to the post information age, “the Intelligence Era” – a transformative change, and a disruptive era, with people living and working in digital environment, surrounded by intelligent tools, intercommunicating devices, and robotic networks, which are seamlessly integrated, and embedded into the environment. Novel forms of interaction with the environment will become widely available. Engineers will be required to perform increasingly more complex and imaginative tasks of synthesis and creativity. Our periodical online and printed journal is a step towards responding to the above challenges by serving as a premier source on innovations and future directions of engineering; an online digital environment for rapid, global dissemination of emerging and novel inter-disciplinary ideas among researchers; and a platform for exploring the effectiveness of using abundantly visual interfaces, including multimedia elements, for enhancing the informational content of technical articles. The journal will publish articles in all categories. We insure the speedy publication of accepted articles, even before their inclusion in a complete issue of the journal, in addition to the state-of-technology benefits of electronic journals. I look forward to a very successful and stimulating journal, and I welcome any suggestions for improving the quality and the usefulness of the journal.